Traveling for Shows


I love to travel. Wait, I don’t think that expressed how I feel appropriately. I LOVE to travel. It is probably my second favorite thing in the whole world, because it lets me see the whole world.

Yes, designing clothes is my favorite thing and travelling is my second favorite thing.  That sound about right.  Guess what…being a designer allows me to travel.  I get to combine my two favorite things in the entire world together and it is amazing.

I recently traveled to Paris, and I had an absolutely lovely time.  I was invited to display this season’s fashion line on one of their runways.  It was such an honour. I planned on staying a week in Paris, but I ended up staying two weeks!

It wasn’t my first time in Paris, and it won’t be my last, but it was my first time in Paris since I graduated so I could spend as much time there as I wanted and not have to worry about my studies. I love everything about Paris. I love the touristy things like the museums and the Eiffel Tower. I also enjoy the less touristy things, like staying up all night meeting locals and watching the sunrise outside of the city.  It’s all magical and it’s all beautiful.Continue reading

A Child’s Obsession Turned Career

bessie 2

When I was a child all I wanted to do was play with my Barbie dolls. I had at least a hundred of them if not more.  It’s not that my parents pushed them on me; they tried to steer my interests elsewhere, but there was no way I was giving up my dolls.

I remember countless hours of changing my dolls’ hair and clothes.  I liked to mix and match their outfits.  They would put on fabulous fashion shows that I made my whole family sit through.  Luckily, my family was very supportive and they sat through all of them.  Well, my brother didn’t enjoy them, but I didn’t enjoy watching his sports matches every week so it was a fair trade.

When I was around 7 I would find scraps of fabrics that my mum had and I would glue them together on my dolls.  I sat around for hours cutting scraps and gluing them together.  Every spare second I had was spent on making fabulous clothes for these dolls.

My mum began to show me how to sew with a needle and thread.  She was, and still is, a quilt maker.  It’s not her job, but it is something she enjoys doing.Continue reading

My Own Boutique and Tailor Shop

plant machinery valuation

I’ve made fantastic progress into my new fall collection and I’ve got so much inspiration on where I might want to take my fashion career next. As much as I love working out of my home studio (it is truly gorgeous), I think I want to open my own shop.

And I’m not talking just a little nook of a boutique, either. I want to have a nice big space where I can cut, sew, maybe even weave some of my own fabric. And if everything goes well, I’ll want to hire a few seamstresses to help me assemble some limited clothing lines.

As I was doing errands around town yesterday, I noticed an old tailor and fabric manufacturing shop that looks like it’s been closed for years. The building is weathered brick and I can imagine a charming little old-timey clothing shop there a long time ago, maybe a stylish millinery or something lovely and quaint.

So now I’ve been taking a look into the city’s online records to figure out who owns it and if I can perhaps make an offer to buy it as is, and open my own little place after giving it a serious facelift. The building is listed as still having all the old machinery inside it, so I’ll need a machinery valuation done for all that by the property owner before I make an offer. But how exciting, a cute little shop still full of vintage sewing machines and maybe even a loom, so I can learn how to create my own custom fabric!

After the place gets a “makeover”, I’ll finally be able to open my own boutique. I’ll offer beautiful little blouses and skirts, maybe limited to 10 pieces per collection. I’ll hire a few fresh young girls to help me run the sewing machines and help with any customers that come in. Perhaps I’ll even launch it as an online business and storefront, if demand for my collections starts to expand outside the immediate area – you never know what might strike the fancy of fashion hotspots like Paris and Milan!

As for a name for my little place, I think I’ll just call it “Bessie”. Simple, sweet, and oh so chic!

Envisioning My Beautiful Fall Collection

How to watch Netflix overseasYesterday morning I woke up full of inspiration to design a beautiful new line for this upcoming autumn. I’m thinking something that feels quaint and charming in essence, but it also has to have the modern flair and chic accents to make it really stand out from the same old leg warmers and faux-leather crop jackets that appear every year.

I’ve gone out to the fabric warehouse and picked out some lovely light, earthy colors. My fabrics of choice this year are medium-weight wool, twill, and corduroy. For jackets and outer garments, I’m going to get brave and try some tweed items for ladies, and maybe figure out a fresh new take on some classic denim.

So this is it! I have everything I need; I’ve gathered all my sewing supplies and sketch ideas, and I’ve set myself up in my comfortable home studio. I plan on sequestering myself here until I’ve run out my current burst of creativity. I’ll try to remember to feed myself, and I even prepared a week’s worth of light savory soup and beautiful little hors d’oeuvres, but when my mind is full of gorgeous new fashion ideas, I could work all night and never notice a thing.

When I need to take a break, I’ll lie back on the sofa and unwind with a little relaxing movie time. Of course I always try to keep it fashion-oriented; inspiration can come from anywhere! I am in love with watching fashion and business documentaries on my computer – I finally figured out how to watch Netflix anywhere, using this site‘s helpful instructions.

I imagine myself channeling a picturesque essence of charming Parisian style mixed with that eternal modern glamour and edge of Chanel. That sewing machine is chattering away and the shears are snipping non-stop! I’ve already got two blouses, a mid-length dress, and I’ve been pinning away at a jacket I’ve styled on the dress form.

If I may say so myself: Every single one of my new pieces is absolutely stunning. I won’t let myself get too carried away, but I admit I’m already envisioning the lovely show they’ll make this coming fall!